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Clear, Concise and Compelling

by Susan Garrity Bish



No one intends to be a poor presenter. Yet many presenters leave their audiences wishing they could get a time refund. This usually occurs for one of three reasons. A presentation that lacks a clear objective usually doesn’t move the audience. Dynamic delivery that is not concise can be confusing. Dull, dry delivery can make a compelling topic uninteresting. Clear, Concise and Compelling equips the reader with the what, why and how to present influentially. This book provides everything you need to take the audience on an engaging journey to a specific destination.

Coach, consultant and speaker Susan Garrity Bish has helped thousands of presenters move from anxiety to confidence. Clear, Concise & Compelling will help you to:​

  • Develop a specific presentation objective that influences the audience

  • Make strong audience connections

  • Harness the power of stories

  • Create compelling slide decks

  • Deliver dynamically using the Five P’s

  • Turn anxiety into excitement


What Readers Say

Clear and Direct Instructions for Giving Better Presentations

5/5 Stars

"I read this book the day it arrived while at my son’s practice. It’s chock full of practical tips for giving more effective presentations. I found the chapter (6) on how to create compelling and influential slides the most helpful. As a seasoned presenter for a volunteer organization I’m often forced to use a template and to present content that isn’t my own. Susan Bish reminds readers how important it is to have simple, impactful decks and I feel empowered to make more modifications to ensure my presentations maximize their effectiveness. This is a great read for anyone who struggles with their presentations skills or who was never taught HOW to present effectively."

Want To Improve Your Presentation Skills? Buy This Book!

5/5 Stars

"I am thrilled about this book because I see where I can improve my connection to my audience quite easily. Why did I not see this before? I have been in public speaking almost my entire career and this book is showing me some new techniques and methods that will assist me greatly. A big thank you to the author, Susan Bish!!"

Game Changer!

5/5 Stars

"After many courses and a real struggle with public speaking, this book has been a complete game changer! Susan outlines how to think of your content and your style to be authentic and meaningful in sharing your message. It has changed my mindset, which translates into much more interesting, and less stressful presentations."

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