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Why Bottom Line Technologies?

Why customers want to work with Bottom Line Technologies


Business success isn't just about gaining or protecting market share. It's also about retained earnings. Companies can't save their way to greatness nor can they buy market share over the long term. That's why the Bottom Line Technologies approach is to help clients understand the dynamics of their markets and assist in developing sound strategic approaches with proven and practical tactics and tools.


Every one of our clients is undergoing significant change in how they employ their human resources in attempts to win in their chosen markets. Our success comes from involving the client in designing and supporting education and organizational processes to manage profitable market growth.


What We Do


We're not your typical consulting firm with a narrow specialty. Our founding partners have experience running businesses from a variety of disciplines, so we take a holistic approach to our clients' challenges. We constantly strive to answer the questions, how will this solution support the client's objectives and will it work within the culture of the organization? We look across disciplines to find solutions that will work to drive profits for your company.


How We Work With Clients


  • Conduct a gap analysis and needs assessment

  • Provide solutions to meet identified needs

  • Develop customized content for relevancy

  • Identify culture-fitting implementation options

  • Construct and apply coaching & accountability measures

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