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Team Building

Reducing hierarchy - today’s fast changing business environment requires moving people from project to project.  Quickly forming effective teams requires new skills.  We can help teams to understand how to design their work processes to engage each team member quickly and fully. How to communicate effectively, with realistic feedback, and to make good decisions under pressure.  How to work through the normal conflict that arises on challenging projects.                       

Setting real expectations and accountabilities is critical to high performance teamwork.  Meeting tough schedules with limited resources isn’t easy.

Agreeing on processes for handling disagreements and handling the stress of over-allocated resources is a fact of life on today’s teams.  We help teams recognize their real process needs and develop agreements on how to meet them - even when things aren’t going well.  We frequently use instruments that help people understand their individual behavioral style as well as teamwork preferences and show them how they can apply this awareness to achieve goals even under difficult conditions.

Teams need accurate and timely feedback about how they work together - but they often don’t get it.

We can help teams see themselves working together by helping them work through a challenging simulation, Pumping The Colors®.   Teams are challenged within tight time and quality parameters to meet specific goals, including organizing themselves, developing project plans, and collaboration.  This experience translates perfectly into the everyday work of teams and the learning sticks and helps them refocus.

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