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Marketing Workshops & Services


Marketing Workshops


Over the past 26 years we have been engaged to develop many different marketing workshops for our global clients. What follows is a brief sampler. We would enjoy discussing your unique needs to identify a program customized to get results for your organization.

Strategic Marketing Foundations

A customized, in-depth skills development program applying classic and contemporary marketing tools to the client’s specific market challenges. Topics are determined based on client needs and often include:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Centric Strategies

  • Creating Competitive Advantage / Competitor Strategies

  • Product Life Cycle Management, including new product development process

  • Marketing Communications

  • Leveraging Your Brand

  • Pricing

  • Marketing Metrics

  • Market Research & Forecasting

Workshops are highly interactive. Participants leave with the first pass in utilizing marketing tools and theories with their real world applications.


Strategic Marketing Foundations is ideally suited for marketing teams and those who have at least two years of experience in marketing.

Marketing Fundamentals

Like Strategic Marketing Foundations, the content of this customized program is based on client identified needs. Marketing Foundations is a great program for those who are new to marketing. Participants will be challenged to apply tools and theories to case studies, gaining insights to other companies/industries.

Product Management Fundamentals

This workshop focuses on the basics of product management: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, etc. Successful marketing must be client centric, and this workshop uses the client focus as the basis for understanding and utilizing product management tools.


Pricing & Profitability

Many companies leave money in the channel. Other companies price to cover costs. Some companies price to beat the competition. Our experience tells us that successful companies price to capture value and are adept at balancing customer perceptions of perceived value. In Pricing & Profitability we help clients identify opportunities to capture value, increase profitability and ensure customers experience the client’s value proposition as designed. Let us help you identify the island of profits that you may be missing.

Achieving Results Without Authority: The Art of Persuasion

Marketing is often in the position of needing to get individuals in other functional groups to play an active role in marketing programs. Achieving results without authority over those key players is dependent on our ability to persuade others to engage. Achieving Results Without Authority equips participants to get others to provide essential support and involvement.

Marketing Presentation Skills

Develop skills to deliver compelling presentations that move your audience to the action steps you target. Participants learn how to frame their messages in ways that consistently define and reinforce your value proposition.


Negotiation is an essential skill in marketing. Typical encounters might include negotiations with colleagues, vendors, channel partners, customers, bosses or employees. Resource allocations, project tasks, budgets, tasks and project parameters are just a few of the many things for which marketers negotiate. Our real-world focused workshop provides essential tools and opportunities to practice win-win negotiating that focuses on positive relationships while achieving targeted results.

Speed To Action: Accelerated Decision Making, More Effective Results

Many organizational decisions take too long. In some companies decisions are made, re-visited and then re-made. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making is the outcome of Speed To Action. Participants learn tools for fact based decision making, including how to effect decisions at various points on the org chart, and cross functionally. Ideally, those involved with a current significant business challenge attend Speed To Action and immediately apply workshop skills to this challenge.

Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy: Development to Execution

Marketing strategy is all about how you deploy your scarce resources to win in the markets of your choice, to maximize portfolio value, and to capture profitable market segments. We can design and facilitate a strategic marketing process that engages your marketing team in identifying potential strategies, selecting the optimal market approach, and developing an execution plan that maximizes chances of success.


Value Proposition Design & Deployment

The most successful companies have a value proposition that permeates everything that touches a customer. Step #1: Let us help you develop your value proposition, ensuring it resonates with targeted customers and distinguishes you from your competition. Step #2: Let us equip your customer-facing associates to consistently deliver on that value proposition.


Marketing & Sales Alignment

Do you ever get the sense that your sales and marketing organization are not on the same page? Let us design and facilitate a process to create alignment between these functional critical organizations.


Customer Advocacy & Intimacy

For some companies it’s all about product leadership. To some of the most successful companies it’s all about focusing on the customer to deliver the right solution at the right time in the right way at the right price. When this level of customer advocacy occurs, customer intimacy and loyalty soar. Let us help you by identifying your best approaches to profitably engaging customers in a way that may make them happy enough to sport your company logo.


Marketing Leadership

When your marketing team is in need of temporary leadership, let us step in. We have effectively acted as adjunct marketing leadership in various companies, ranging from 3 month to one year engagements.


Leveraging Your National Sales Meeting

National sales meetings are expensive. Your organization needs to leverage every minute to maximize the return on time invested by all parties. Let us help you design highly interactive, targeted learning sessions that achieve results, are memorable and fun. Death by PowerPoint? Not at our events. Let us teach your NSM presenters how to design and facilitate high-energy, interactive sessions to maximize participant engagement and commitment.

Clear, Concise & Compelling Presentation Skills

Marketing professionals make lots of presentations. These presentations need to accomplish a lot: share customer insights, get commitment for programs, gain buy-in on proposals, ensure alignment between sales and marketing to name a few. It’s all about influencing others. Is your marketing team getting the most from their presentations? In our two-day workshop participants learn how to design and deliver presentations that accomplish a specific influence objective. They work on one presentation and perfect it using workshop content, group feedback and insights gleaned from one-on-one review of taped presentations. The result: participants gain competence and confidence and are equipped to deliver persuasively.

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The Marketing Strategy Master Class is a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to creating a competitive marketing strategy. Designed for professionals in a marketing role, this online, four-part video course helps marketers move from a bundle of marketing tactics to an aligned and efficient marketing strategy.

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