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How to Write Strong Marketing Copy

It seems like some marketers are uniquely gifted when it comes to writing copy for websites, emails, and articles. Calls to action are strong and their messages resonate with the audience more often than not.

They're not magicians, they just know how to strategically plan their messages, and there are only a few high level keys you need to know to become a top level writer. The first and most important is that you need to fully know and understand who your audience is. You can't write something that resonates with an audience if you haven't defined them or know who you're writing to.

Marketing messages that perform the best typically use the Problem – Solution – Result format. Increase your marketing “stickiness” by focusing on these three keys:


People are seeking solutions to their problems. Buyers don’t want the products and services you’re selling. They want solutions to their problems. Know the problems that are painful for your prospects. Make sure your marketing messages clearly reflect the types of problems your products solve.


People likely have an idea of the solution they want. Strong marketing messaging focuses on how to help the prospect achieve their goals. Buyers normally enter the marketplace with goals to: improve, save, increase, protect, reduce or make... You have to make sure your messaging identifies how your products will provide solutions for the target market’s most significant wants.


You need to have proven results and know how to talk about them. Your prospects seek solutions that work on both the professional and personal level. The product must function as designed to provide specific results. The product must also provide personal satisfaction.

Some Examples:

The Snickers "Big Game" Advertisement From 2010 showed a problem of hunger, a solution of their candy, and the result is that you get back to being, "you."

Energizer used their classic bunnies to demonstrate the problem that most batteries don't last long enough, a solution of their batteries giving you peace of mind that your devices won't fail at an inopportune time, and a result of a feeling of confidence when you need to get a job done.

Check it out for yourself. The next time you’re watching an ad see if it passes the Problem – Solution – Result test. The best ones usually do.

Put the Problem – Solution – Result model to work in your marketing messaging. Reduce message confusion. Increase messaging “stickiness” and enjoy writing like never before!


You can also try out our new marketing assessment tool to see if you're on the right path or if you need to make changes as you plan for the future. Check out the tool today.

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