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Three Keys to Strong Marketing Messaging

Three Keys to Strong Marketing Messaging

Marketing messages that perform the best typically use the Problem – Solution – Result format. When communicating your message, you don't necessarily want to stick with the problem, or even your solution for very long. People know they have a problem, that's their pain point. They don't care about the "what" of the solution as long as it RESULTS in the problem going away. Increase your marketing “stickiness” by focusing on these three keys:

PROBLEM: Buyers Seek Solutions to Their Problems

Buyers don’t want the products and services you’re selling. They want solutions to their problems. Know the problems that are painful for your prospects. Make sure your marketing messages clearly reflect the types of problems your products solve.

SOLUTION: Buyers Have Wants

Strong marketing messaging focuses on how to help the prospect achieve their goals. Buyers normally enter the marketplace with goals to Improve, Save, Increase, Protect, Reduce or Make...

Make sure your messaging identifies how your products will provide solutions for the target market’s most significant wants.

RESULT: Buyers Want Results (X 2)

Your prospects seek solutions that work on both the professional and personal level. The product must function as designed to provide specific results. The product must also provide personal satisfaction.

Ensure your messaging helps your prospects identify the results they can expect professionally and personally.

Problem: You're not you when you're hungry.

Solution: Snickers bar to increase energy.

Result: You can get back to being you.

Problem: Batteries that don't last.

Solution: Energizer batteries to increase peace of mind.

Result: Confident that your device will work when needed.

Check it out for yourself. The next time you’re watching an ad see if it passes the Problem – Solution – Result test. The best ones usually do.

Put the Problem – Solution – Result model to work in your marketing messaging. Reduce message confusion. Increase messaging “stickiness” and enjoy your job again!

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