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Questioning Productivity

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Quick questions to help you increase productivity

What 3 things will I accomplish today?

Focus on personal productivity

Begin with the end (of the day) in mind. What 3 things must get done that you can cross off your TO DO list? Create a laser focus on what you will accomplish. Whenever possible, do those three things first. Schedule them into your day.

It is often just as important to make a conscious decision about what you will NOT do today. Avoid the distractions that eat up your day. Learn to say no to urgent requests that can be scheduled for a later time. Watch out for the insidious attraction of doing the things you like to do at the expense of doing the things that must get done. Save the things you like to do as a reward for accomplishing the most important three things.

What will I delegate today?

Focus on organization productivity

Are you guilty of taking on too much? Do you sometimes hold on to tasks that your direct reports could do simply because you believe it will be easier or faster if you do them? It’s time to let go and delegate.

Delegating allows you to focus on the things that matter most. Delegating also provides growth and development opportunities for your team. Be specific about what success looks like, how this task fits into the bigger picture, your availability for support, important milestones, etc. Successful delegation benefits you, the delegatee and the organization.

How will I make a positive difference in [direct report’s name] life today?

Focus on others’ productivity

What can you do for each of your direct reports that will set them up for success? Who needs support? Encouragement? An ear? A challenge? Constructive feedback? New skills? For each direct report, what can you do that will help them to be more successful?

After you’ve identified a specific action for each individual, be intentional about spending the time necessary to follow through. In most cases these interactions can be handled in 15 minutes or so. Aren’t your direct reports worth this amount of time? Imagine how their productivity can improve with just a small investment of time on your part.

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