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Giving Great Virtual Presentations

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Virtual presentations. You’ve been on the receiving end of the dreaded virtual presentation. You know the ones…dull, dry, boring content delivered by a nearly robotic presenter with a knack for lecturing who creates incredibly busy slides and never seems to need to take a breath. When these virtual presentations end, you need a wake-up call!

No one intends to be a poor virtual presenter. But where did you learn to be a skillful virtual presenter? New work conditions require new skills to become a competent and confident virtual presenter. We have the solutions your team needs.

Creating Clear, Concise & Compelling Virtual Presentation Content*

This 3 hour, fast-paced, interactive workshop for up to 10 participants helps people learn to:

  • Harness the power of a clear presentation objective that includes the WHY of your presentation

  • Create content that takes your audience on a journey to solve a challenging problem they struggle with

  • Learn how to understand your audience so you will make strong connections and ensure audience engagement

  • Understand the six universal influence levers you can incorporate to increase your impact on an audience and help you connect logically and emotionally

  • Develop carefully focused opening and closing approaches which connect you with your virtual audience

  • Make your presentation content “sticky” by using a variety of techniques that make it easy for your audience to remember your points

  • Learn how to design audience engagement into your virtual presentation to ensure you keep them with you to the end

Delivering with Impact & Influence*

Developing great content is just the beginning. Making that content come alive while engaging your audience comes next. This three hour workshop for up to 10 participants equips people to:

  • Develop skills for delivering compelling virtual presentations that move your audience to the action steps you target

  • Learn and apply the tools for analyzing your audience that will target their needs, capture their attention and understand several ways to develop your presentation to reach them logically AND emotionally

  • Learn how to incorporate a story that quickly breaks audience preoccupation and engages them, connects emotionally and keeps them with you

  • Identify tools and techniques to use web-based video technology appropriately in your presentations

  • Incorporate the 12 power tips for compelling virtual slide decks

  • Use your voice and body language to deliver confidently and influentially

Each workshop is $2,500 and includes 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching for each participant.

*Book both workshops to take advantage of the $4,500 bundle special.

Make the investment that puts an end to dull, dry and boring virtual presentations. Equip your team to be virtual presenters who stand out as engaging, effective virtual presenters! Your colleagues and customers will notice…and thank you!

I look forward to working with you and your team!


*Workshops include virtual presentation success techniques and key concepts from the best-selling book Clear, Concise & Compelling: How to Present to Change Minds and Influence Outcomes

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