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Tips to Max Happiness & Productivity as a Virtual Contributor

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We are all adjusting to a new virtual work reality. Even those of us who have worked from home for years are sensing the difference in this period of protective distancing. To help you maximize your happiness and productivity, we’ve compiled a list of tips and suggestions that focus on making your virtual work world work for you. We hope some of these suggestions make a difference in your daily virtual work world!

1. Create a schedule and use it

- Don't forget to take breaks!

- Plan your day to utilize your most productive times on more challenging tasks

- Eat lunch somewhere other than your work-space

2. Develop positive habits

- Hydrate

- Eat healthy snacks

- Get 8 hours of good sleep each night

- Stand up, stretch, move a little bit every hour

- Get away from the computer screen periodically

- Dress as you would to go to work

- You feel better about yourself when you attend to your grooming

- At the end of your work day, change into your kickback clothes

3. Focus on what you can control

- Concerned about something? Identify what you can DO about what concerns you. Exert your influence as appropriate. Resist the urge to worry. After controlling what you can control, move on to something in your life that is positive.

4. Incorporate mental stimulation

- Read something different than usual

- Solve problems/puzzles

- Learn something new (languages, a new tool, programming languages, etc.)

5. Get physical... exercise

- Go outside if possible to walk, run, or ride a bike.

6. Accomplish something (feed your sense of accomplishment)

- Create a daily to-do list and check things off

- Set up and/or organize your work space

- De-clutter one drawer or room at a time

- Complete one thing you've been "meaning to get to"

7. Get personal

- Connect live with someone each morning and afternoon

- If you're feeling isolated, pick up the phone and connect with a friend, co-worker, or loved one

- Consider committing to an accountability partner for a daily video call

8. Make a difference (even a small one) in someone else's day

- Check in with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors

- Share your talents with others

- Send an e-card

- Share a story about something positive

9. Finish at the end of the day

- Wrap up

- Review tomorrow's agenda

- Create your to-do list for tomorrow

10. Build up your immune system

- Replace junk food with healthy food

- Add vitamins D3 and C and a probiotic to your daily regimen

11. Learn something new

- Read

- Sign up / attend a webinar

- Watch a TED Talk

12. Spend some time on your favorite hobby (or start a new one)

13. Make plans for something special when we can once again safely socialize

- Think weekend getaway, a vacation, lunch with friends, visit the new microbrewery. We all need something to look forward to. Do the research, make the plans and start looking forward to this!

You have your favorite virtual productivity habits. Care to share? Leave a note and help everyone in the Bottom Line Technologies community benefit from your productivity tips.

Stay safe and healthy and take time for YOU!


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1 Comment

Maximizing Happiness - This workshop was concise, morale boosting and drove home some very important reminders on how to change the way you think to be happier and more productive in a challenging new environment! Thanks Susan!

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