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How to Ease the Pain of Change

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Any type of change brings challenges unique to managers. It could be a highly valuable employee leaving, a change in market demands, or even moving to a new office space, but one constant that always comes with change is stress.

One of the skills great managers possess is reducing the stress and pain that comes with change. Below are three ways to reduce change-related stress.

1. Be Positive

Frame the change in a way that highlights the positives of the situation. Instead of saying, “Alice was vital to our organization, hopefully we get someone as good as her.” Try, “We’re sad to see Alice leave the company, but we’re excited that she’s moving forward with her career and are embracing the opportunity to bring in a new perspective with whoever fills her shoes.”

Your employees look to you for an example of how to react to changes. By creating a positive space, you are reassuring your team that everything is going to be alright.

2. Be Flexible

In times of change when stress is building, you may need to say “no” without saying “no.” Understanding the need behind requests coming from your team or other departments in your company will help you identify how to satisfy requests on your terms using the resources available to you.

Ask questions like, “can you help me understand,” and listen carefully to the responses. Then find a way to give the person requesting something what they truly need, which may not be exactly what they originally asked for.

3. Be Proactive

Avoiding change will cause more pain and stress in the end. Engage and embrace the change. Expressing your opinions and contributing will ensure you have a voice and have a chance to influence outcomes rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for directions.

Ask your employees about how they feel about the changes and then work to find solutions to issues presented. If you can bring these ideas to the stage during the time of change you will show your employees that you value their opinions and are fighting for them.

Change is inevitable but following these three tips enables you to better reduce the pain that comes with it.

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