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Overcoming a Noisy Marketplace

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

6,000 to 10,000

That’s the number of advertisements industry experts estimate that the average American experiences each day. That number includes an average of 111 impressions per day just on social media. That’s a lot of white noise. Many of us respond to the noise like this:

  • I can’t hear you

  • I don’t believe you

  • I don’t trust you

So how can marketers cut through the noise, be heard, believed and trusted? Here are three ways to speak softly and be heard.

Focus on adding value by being a thought leader

Instead of touting your company’s products and services, enrich your prospective customers with innovative ideas about how those who will be successful in the industry must adapt. Challenge the status quo, take a bold position on a popular topic, provide alternative techniques or processes to the tried-and-true. Your goal is to be thought provoking. Peak the audience’s curiosity and engage them intellectually. To build credibility, be sure to provide examples of how what you are presenting is possible.

Tell stories

The ages-old art of storytelling persists for many reasons. A well-crafted story creates

a means by which your audience can remember your key point. So many of the most popular TED talks start with a story. This pulls the audience in, provides relevance and captures hearts.

Stories also provide context, spelling out the challenge which must be overcome. Be sure your audience can relate to the challenge and draw them in by showing them how they can take your key idea and use it for their own advantage.

Your memorable, emotionally driven story can also be a call to action. Encourage your audience to learn more, change habits, accept a new point of view, get involved, etc. You want them to remember the story and associate your company with overcoming the challenge.

Check it out: Salesforce, IBM, GE, Hubspot and Intel are just a few examples of B2B companies that rely on the power of stories.

Use immersive media

Why use a thousand words when a compelling picture will do? We are hard-wired to remember pictures. Distill your key ideas and messages into easy-to-comprehend visuals. Infographics are a great way to visually present information. In this time-compressed world you have a much better chance of engaging someone with an infographic vs. a 2,500-word white paper.

To further enhance your communication use explainer videos, simulations, games, virtual reality environments. Your audience has the opportunity to become engaged both intellectually and emotionally. Your goal is to capture attention, enable your audience to quickly take in your content and encourage them to join you in the journey.

By adding value as a thought leader, telling stories and engaging your audience intellectually and emotionally you demonstrate respect for your prospects and customers. Your communication will stand out; be valued. You will add credibility to the brand.

Most importantly, you will cut through the noise to be heard, believed and trusted.


The Marketing Strategy Master Class is a great place to start with online resources teaching how to cut through the noise.

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